Where Is the Serial Number Located on a Dell Computer?

Serial numbers on Dell computers are often on a tag that reads “Service Tag Number” at the rear near the docking station connector. There is also a tool on the Dell site that allows users to find the serial number of a Dell device electronically.

Dell computer serial numbers are important since users need the number to receive technical support or other services from Dell. The tag that has the serial number is usually either on the back, side or bottom of the device. It reads “Service Tag Number,” and it often has black and white coloring. An alternative approach is to visit the support center at the Dell website and to click on the link that reads “Service Tag Locate.” The button on that part of the site reads “Detect My Product.” Users have to click on the “Yes, I agree” button on the next page to agree to the terms and conditions before the tool downloads. The application is called “Dell System Detect,” and it is an application that can find the serial number of the device by scanning a user’s system files. There are browser specific instructions for using the tool listed on this part of the site as well, so users need to read the instructions for their particular browsers to get the best results.