What Are Some Sentences That Can Be Used in a Chinese Whispers Game?

“I took my dog for a walk today and then I gave him some food,” is one example of a Chinese Whispers sentence. The Chinese Whispers game is a game where participants whisper sentences to one another in a large circle. The answers became vague and often amusing by the time the last person gets the whispered sentence.

The game is a great game for young children and is often played in schools. There are several great examples of sentences for the Chinese Whispers Game. The first is “I took my dog for a walk today and then I gave him some food.” The second is “The sun has got it’s hat on and is coming out to play.” The third is from the Guinness World Records and is “Together we can make a world of difference.”

Chinese Whispers is often called The Telephone or Rumor Game. Participants form a line or a circle and the sentence is given to the first player who whispers it into the ear of the next player. Each player in turn whispers it to his neighbor until the last player receives the message. The final player says the message out loud and it is compared with the original sentence.

Sentences used in Chinese Whispers are often short, tongue twisters that teachers create or copy from books. To tie the game in with what students are learning in class, teachers choose themes that align with the students’ current curriculum. These short sentences are commonly five to six words and used for younger participants in school groups.

For older participants, sentences become more complex. Sentences are silly or topical for the type of group gathered. Longer sentences are often used for adult participants as ice breakers for meetings.

More complex paragraphs are used in adult English learners classes. Instructors choose passages from books or poems that gradually become longer as the students’ skill levels increase. Playing the game in this setting allows students to practice their language skills in a fun environment.