How Do You Send Untraceable Text Messages?

Compassionate Eye Foundation/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Sending untraceable text messages requires the use of a third-party application or Web-based service. These include TxtEmNow and OneOne. Both of these apps are available for iOS and Android operating systems.

OneOne works by providing a channel to send text messages. After the app is installed, select one of seven channels to communicate with another person. The person at the other end of the conversation must have the app installed as well.

TextEmNow is a free Web service that blocks all identifying information from a text recipient. Simply enter the number of the recipient, his or her country and a message, and click “Send.” The service says it will never share or sell cell numbers and allows users to text anonymously in the United States, Canada and some international countries.

SendAnonymousSMS is another service that claims to send free, anonymous text messages to anyone. On this site, simply enter the number of the recipient, his or her country and a message up to 145 characters in length. A user can enter a spoofed sent-from number and will need to enter in a Captcha code to send the message.

These and other anonymous text services and apps should be used with caution. Sending messages like death threats, even if only as a prank, is illegal and the sites and apps listed here do record IP addresses, making it easy for authorities to quickly track down offenders.