How Do You Send a Question to Dear Abby?

Readers seeking advice can contact Dear Abby by mail via her Los Angeles post-office box or online through The online form requires users to enter their contact information, including an address and phone number, in addition to their message to Abby.

On the website, Abby stresses the large amount of letters she receives to remind readers that she cannot answer every letter. Abby offers readers advice about their problems on a wide variety of topics, including relationships, death, addiction and abuse. Dear Abby offers advice to readers in a tone that is compassionate, straightforward and often humorous. The advice often reads as though a close friend of the reader is giving it.

The Dear Abby column is the most widely syndicated column in the world, with more than 110 million readers. “Abby,” or Abigail van Buren, is the pseudonym of Pauline Phillips, who started writing the advice column in 1956. Phillips wrote the column by herself until 2000, when she brought on her daughter Jeanne to assist the process. In 2002, Jeanne took over full-time, citing Alzheimer’s as the reason for her mother’s departure. Legal rights to the Abigail van Buren pen name passed to Jeanne after Pauline died in 2013.