How Do You Send a Prayer Request to T.B. Joshua?

Send prayer requests to T.B. Joshua via, the website devoted to his ministry. At the homepage, click Prayer.

The prayer request page contains some scriptural excerpts and a virtual form for submitting prayer requests. The form asks for the supplicant’s full name, country, email address and phone number. The actual prayer request can be typed into a small field and submitted after the sender completes an easy CAPTCHA. also encourages visitors and members to share a testimony via the website. T.B. Joshua’s ministry offers live prayer and counseling by telephone. The contact numbers are located on is part of SCOAN, or the Synagogue Church of All Nations, a global, evangelical organization headed by T.B. Joshua and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The church also has a branch in Ghana. SCOAN conducts services at its branches every day except Thursday. One such service specifically involves what SCOAN describes as prayer warriors, which is the group that addresses prayer requests.

SCOAN’s statement of faith agrees with the Pentecostal tradition, including the practice of speaking in tongues and the idea of speaking in tongues as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.