How Do You Send an Inmate a Care Package?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To send an inmate a care package, the family member or loved one must order the care package from an approved vendor. Loved ones cannot directly send packages to inmates. Magazines, books and papers must also be sent directly from the publisher or an approved vendor to the inmate. Care packages can be ordered directly through the vendor’s website to be delivered to an inmate.

A list of approved vendors for inmate care packages can be obtained from the state’s Department of Corrections website or through the inmate’s prison. To place an order for a care package, either call the vendor or place an order online. To place an order online, the person must know the inmate’s name as well as the state, county and facility in which the inmate is being housed. Care packages for inmates can include toiletries, personal items, food, snacks and gifts for special occasions. Once care packages are ordered, the person can track delivery of the package through the vendor’s website, depending on the delivery method chosen. In some instances, inmate care packages can be purchased by a loved one directly through the inmate’s prison’s commissary online, saving money on delivery fees and eliminating wait times for delivery.