How Do You Send a Food Package to a Prison Inmate?

sakhorn38/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

According to The Law Dictionary, as of 2015 it is no longer possible for friends and family to send packages to prison inmates personally. However, the correctional facilities often allow packages from approved vendors of inmate care packages. Ordering from these companies lets others send food and care packages to inmates.

It is important to check with each facility’s prison management to ensure that the package follows the guidelines. Each facility often has different guidelines as to what can be included in the package. Some approved websites will show only approved items available for shipping to a certain facility. Guidelines also differ regarding the frequency of packages. Most facilities do not allow more than one package per quarter. Often inmate care package providers will offer the ability to set up quarterly packages that will automatically include the chosen items each quarter. Some do allow special packages to be sent outside of these quarterly packages. Be sure to check with the prison management to be sure that this package will be deliverable. Most companies make it possible to customize the care package. If possible, check with the inmate to see what he or she needs or would prefer before sending the package.