How Do You Sell Pfaltzgraff Dishes?

Sell Pfaltzgraff dishes by organizing the collection according to patterns, checking the dishes for quality, photographing the dishes and posting them for sale on appropriate websites. Some collectors are interested in buying entire sets of patterns, while others are interested in completing sets.

  1. Organize the dishes

    Organize the Pfaltzgraff dishes by sets of patterns. Find out the rarity and value of specific patterns by searching online catalogs of discontinued and current Pfaltzgraff patterns. This search also helps you find the name of the pattern so you correctly identify it when you post the items for sale.

  2. Check the quality of the dishes

    Check the dishes for defects, such as scratches, cracks, chips or uneven glaze. These impurities detract from the value of the items. Heavily damaged dishes are not coveted by collectors. However, some rare older Pfaltzgraff items sell for high prices even though they have minor defects.

  3. Photograph the dishes

    Be sure the dishes are clean and shining. Set them up with simple, uncluttered backgrounds. Fill the frame with the individual dishes, and take clear, focused pictures of representative samples of the collection.

  4. Post the items for sale

    Post the photographs, detailed descriptions of the dishes and your contact information on websites where Pfaltzgraff enthusiasts search for additions to their collections. Some of the most popular websites for Pfaltzgraff collectors include eBay, the Internet Antique Shop, Priceminer, and local Pfaltzgaff collectors clubs and associations.