How Do You Sell Old Magazines for Cash?

There are several ways to sell old magazines for cash; the easiest and most profitable is with online sales through websites such as or Selling magazines locally through used bookstores or garage sales is another option, but online sales reach more customers. Magazines that are nostalgic, vintage or depict a famous person or event are the most desirable editions.

Some of the ways to sell old magazines for cash include mass lot listings, individual desirable edition listings or page-by-page sales.

A large amount or “lot” auction listing includes many issues for one price. Customers may purchase these in hopes of finding a desirable “needle in the haystack” issue. This time and money saving option yields the least amount of profit.

Magazine sellers willing to invest more time and reap more profits may want to sell desirable pages from magazines individually. Many of the vintage advertisements can fetch a better price than selling the entire magazine. Framing magazine ads in a cheap frame makes it an even more desirable purchase, especially if the ad is being sold at an antique of second-hand store, notes, adding that the ads that are easiest to sell are for cars, trains, food, alcohol, guns, sports-related items and mid-century modern furniture.