What Are the Self-Cleaning Instructions for a Frigidaire Stove?

Frigidaire stoves feature a self-cleaning oven option that can be operated by pressing the Clean button on the front settings panel with an option for two- or four-hour self-cleaning cycles. The oven should not be opened when the self-cleaning cycle is in operation.

During a self-cleaning oven cycle, Frigidaire ovens and stoves automatically lock. Once the cycle is complete, the oven unlocks after the inside temperature has cooled.

Prior to operating the self-cleaning cycle, the Frigidaire oven should be wiped down with a damp sponge or cloth to remove leftover food, burnt food or spills. Leftover food left in the oven can cause the appliance to smoke when temperatures rise during the self-cleaning cycle. Cooking pans and utensils may melt if left in the oven, but the oven racks can withstand the higher temperatures during self-cleaning.

As a precaution, the self-cleaning cycle should not be operated while the home is vacant in case build-up within the oven begins to smoke. The excessive heat during the cleaning cycle is designed to turn grease, dirt and debris within the oven into ash that can be easily wiped out once the self-cleaning is complete. In regions with warm temperatures, it is advised not to run the self-cleaning option during the heat of the day.