Are There Seedless Cherries?

Benson Kua/CC-BY-SA 2.0

There are currently no known ways to grow seedless cherries. Cherries are considered a stone fruit, and scientists have not had success in creating entirely stoneless fruits.

For years scientists have been working on ways to create stoneless fruit. In 1914, plant breeder Luther Burbank got close when he managed to create a partially stoneless plum. His work has had strong influences on modern day horticulturalists, who are still looking for ways to create completely stoneless and seedless cherries, plums and peaches. They have found it difficult to produce these varieties without compromising the quality or size of the fruit, which are important factors if the fruit is to be sold on a wide scale. If achieved, it could mean higher profits for growers, as the consumption of fruits like grapes and watermelon increased once seedless versions were put on the market.