How Do You See the Google Earth View of Your House?

Johan Larsson/CC-BY 2.0

Users can find satellite and photo images of their homes by downloading Google Earth and entering their addresses in the location field on the main display. Google provides free downloads for PC, smartphone and tablet systems along with a web-based browser application.

The Google Earth tool lets users find their locations quickly and easily by inputting their house numbers, street numbers, cities and states or provinces. The worldwide search also supports international addresses, and the downloadable version of the tool lets users switch between satellite views and street views. Google Earth users can use arrows to navigate the images displayed on the program or click and drag, or tap and pinch on touchscreens, to look around the neighborhood or to resize the map. simplifies the process of finding the Google street view of a home and its Google Earth satellite or street map view by letting users input their addresses on the search screen. Google Earth images appear in the minimap on the left-hand corner, and users can toggle between street map or satellite modes at the push of a button. The main window displays the full Google street view and offers the same navigation methods as Google Earth.