How Do I Secure Items in a Shadow Box?

A number of methods can be used to secure items in a shadow box, including double-sided tape, pins, hot glue, wires, putty and hooks. The best method to adopt for a particular shadow box depends on the size and weight of the items to be displayed.

Double-sided tape has the advantage of being easily applied and easily removed. However, it is only suitable for light-weight objects. Putty can be used to attach flat items to the back of the box, but it too forms a weak attachment and should be used for light-weight items. To hang items, hooks can be screwed into the interior ceiling. Pins are effective in securing bulky items to the back of the shadow box, but they have the disadvantage of being plainly visible. Wire attached to the back is more easily hidden and holds items firmly. Hot glue applied with a glue gun creates a very secure bond. However, it is only suitable for non-porous materials.

Shadow boxes, or glass-fronted displays with thematically or artistically arranged objects, are used by the military to display awards, medals and badges earned throughout a career. Many people have adopted the use of the shadow box to exhibit miscellaneous memorabilia or create displays of artistic or personal significance.