How Do You Get the Secret Strike in the Wii Sports Resort 100-Pin Game?

In order to get the Secret Strike in the 100-Pin Game of Wii Sports Resort, the ball must be rolled very close to either the right or left gutter guard; its position should be set with the D-pad so that the dotted line is almost parallel with, but ever so slightly aimed into, the gutter guard, and maintained on this course right to the end of the lane. Upon reaching the end, the bowling ball will activate a red button, which in turn will cause an earthquake, toppling all the pins down at once.

In order to get a Perfect Score of 3,000 points, the Secret Strike needs to be carried out 13 times in a row.

Another tip for Wii Sports Resort Bowling is to angle the bowling ball to one side and put some spin on it. This can add a fresh dimension to the game, in contrast to simply aiming directly at the pins each time.

Improving skills in this way is important because the 100-Pin Game needs to be unlocked from the Standard Game of bowling before players even have the opportunity of executing a Secret Strike.

The other game to unlock from the Standard Game is Spin Control, the aim of which is to avoid the barriers before hitting the pins.