What Is the Seating Plan of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airplane?

The seating plan for the 787 Dreamliner varies between Boeing’s 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 models and is dependent on an airline’s specifications. The standard three-class design for the more common 787-8 model accommodates 242 passengers, including 16 first class, 44 business class and 182 economy class travelers.

Airlines can configure first and business class cabins to include between four and seven seats per row for the 787-8, with first class seats ranging from 46 to 61 inches in pitch and business class seats offering a pitch between 36 and 39 inches. Airlines have the option of configuring economy cabins with eight premium or nine regular seats per row, with widths of 19 and 17.5 inches, respectively. Economy seat pitches normally range from 32 to 34 inches. In a typical two-class domestic configuration, the 787-8 carries 240 passengers, while an all-economy jet has seating for 296. In its most densely packed configuration, the 787-8 can carry as many as 375 passengers.

The larger 787-9 typically seats 16 passengers in first class, 50 in business class and 214 in economy class. At its most, the plane can accommodate 408 people. Boeing’s extended 787-10 Dreamliner offers a standard three-class configuration of 18 first class seats, 58 business class seats and 247 economy class seats.