What Is the Best Seat on a Boeing 777?

Phillip Capper/CC-BY 2.0

The best seat on a Boeing 777 is normally a bulkhead seat, such as seats 20A/B and 20J/ K on a United Airlines 777-200, or an exit row seat, such as those in rows 16, 20 and 31 on an American Airlines 777-300. SeatGuru.com and SeatMaestro.com help identify good seats.

Seating configurations for the original Boeing 777-200 and the larger 777-300 vary between airlines. Each airline may also operate several different versions of the same plane. The travel review sites SeatGuru.com and SeatMaestro.com compile seating plans that use color codes to show good and bad seats for each flight based on traveler feedback. A traveler can visit either site and enter his flight number to view its seat plan and mouse over each seat on SeatGuru.com to read further information.