How Do You Search for a U.S. Military Unit Identification Code?

Sean Murphy/The Image bank/Getty Images

In order to find out the Unit Identification Code, or UIC, for a United States Military unit, you may use the Defense Manpower Data Center’s Unit Identification Code Search System. The Unit Identification Code Search System is a government application that allows approved users access to a centralized database

Since the information is located within governmental servers, access to the Unit Identification Code Search System, or UICSS, is restricted to registered users. In order to obtain access to the UICSS, individuals must submit a request to the Department of Defense Human Resources Activity’s Defense Manpower Data Center, or DMDC. The request should be submitted via e-mail.

The purpose of the registration is to verify the identity and intended usage purpose of the user applying for access to the UICSS. The request will need to include a reason or justification for requesting access. Additionally, the DMDC may reject any access request for failing to provide any information requested to verify your identity.

In order to submit a request for access to the UICSS, please visit the Defense Manpower Data Center UICSS website. The site lists how you can find further information on how to submit your request for access into the system.