How Do You Search the Sunset Magazine Archives?

To search the “Sunset” magazine archives, visit Click on a year to download and open a PDF index of all print “Sunset” issues. Use the search tool on the PDF to find a word or phrase. To search the online archives of the magazine, visit Type a word into the search field at the top of the page, and click the magnifying glass icon.

Once you download and open a “Sunset” print article index, look at the Article Listings By Category section at the top of the page. Choose a category and a topic, and follow the dotted line to the right to find the page number. Scroll to that page in the PDF, look for the category name, and find the topic. Under each topic heading, the index lists all related articles.

Each article listing includes the main topic, sub-topics and the month of publication. A page number follows the month. Articles that appeared only in specific regional editions of “Sunset” include a two-letter abbreviation. Check the index key to identify the edition.

The online “Sunset” index also allows users to search by category. Click on a category link to display a list of all of the magazine’s online articles.