How Do You Search Past Death Notices in Trinidad Online?

Kerry Sherck/Getty Images

To search past death notices in Trinidad online, visit the death and funeral announcement sections of websites such as and, and then browse lists of the deceased. This process only works when searching for death notices of people whose deaths have been previously announced on these websites.

The Death Notices section of contains a list of the deceased arranged according to the date of announcement. Click on the Next link at the bottom of the list to find people whose deaths were announced at an earlier date. After finding the name of the deceased, click on it to reveal additional details, such as the cause of death, place of death, date, time, family details and funeral arrangements.

To find previous death notices on the Belgroves website, click on the Our Network link at the upper right corner of the homepage, and select A Life Well Lived on the new menu. To search for a specific person on Belgroves, type the name of the deceased into the search box, and then hit the Enter button. In addition, members of the public can send details of the deceased to the website administrator via the Contact Us link for publishing.