How Do You Search FDA Registration Numbers?

Search for the U.S. Food And Drug Administration registration numbers using the FDA website at Registration numbers in the FDA database are categorized according to the establishment name, product code, establishment type, and establishment country or state.

On the home page, type “search registration and listing database” into the search box located at the top right of the screen. Click the second link on the search results page, entitled Search Registration and Listing. Click the first available link on the page, called Search the Registration & Listing database. You can search using a variety of filters, including establishment name, owner/operator name, proprietary name and product code.

The Freedom of Information Act requires releasable information about FDA products to be made available to the public, and the database is typically updated once per week. This database includes medical device manufacturers registered with the FDA and medical devices listed with the FDA. The assignment of a registration number or the listing of a device in the FDA database does not mean that the product is approved by the FDA; the listed registration number simply means that the business or establishment has paid a fee to register its product with the FDA. FDA approval, which denotes that a marketed product is safe and effective, requires an additional approval process from the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.