What Are Some Scottish Blessings and Prayers?

Some Scottish blessings and prayers are the Scots Gaelic blessing, wedding blessing and house blessing. The Scottish also have blessings for babies and departed loved ones.

A basic Scots Gaelic blessing calls down peace between people and family members as well as asking for the peace of Christ. The Scottish have several wedding blessings. Most ask for wealth and health for the newlywed couple as well as peace and love. The Beannachd Taighe or house blessing prays for all parts of the house, from the foundation to the attic. Most of these prayers and blessings are originally written and spoken in Gaelic with an incidental English translation.

More blessings and prayers can be found in “The Scottish Book of Common Prayer.” It contains prayers for favorable weather, Parliament, the British Empire and even the League of Nations.

“The Scottish Book of Common Prayer” dates back to 1637. The English kings wanted to publish a book of common prayer for use throughout the empire, including in Scotland. Although the Scots resisted, church authorities persisted. By the 18th church, the Scottish Episcopal Church had mostly adopted it. Eventually, the book made its way over to the United States and became the precursor to the “American Book of Common Prayer.”