What Is Scotland Famous For?

Sean Molin – www.seanmolin.com/Moment/Getty Images

According to Scotland’s official website, Scotland is most famous for whisky and golf, among many other products, cultures and traditions. Scotch whisky is revered all over the world and is quite possibly the nation’s best-known product, with 36 bottles exported every single second. Much like wine, fine Scotch whisky is viewed by some as an investment.

Scotland is a favorite tourist location for avid golfers. With over 570 golf courses, there is no shortage of world-class options to choose from. Golf was invented by the Scots and has been a part of Scottish culture for over six centuries. Open venues and historic courses consistently draw both golf professionals and hobbyists.

Scotland is also known for kilts and bagpipes. The kilt is a knee-length garment which was worn by men and boys in the 16th century. Today it is very closely associated with Scottish culture. The bagpipe is a reed instrument with a unique and identifiable sound. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo celebrates both these traditions every August through a grand show that features hundreds of pipers wearing kilts and skirling in unison.

Food is another famous aspect of Scottish culture. Haggis and porridge are traditional Scottish fare, and many world-renowned fine dining chefs also come from Scottish roots, including Gordon Ramsay.