How Do You Score Points in Shuffleboard?

Bernar Borges/Other

Players score points in two-player deck shuffleboard by using the “tang” to land the weighted “biscuits” within the designated areas of the scoring triangle. In “hand shuffleboard,” points are awarded when the hand-glided pucks land within the “scoring zones” at the opposite end of the table.

In each version, the two players alternate sending their respective color biscuits to the other end, with the ability to knock resting pucks off the board. Depending on their final resting place, a biscuits within the scoring triangle may earn seven, eight or ten points or lose five or ten points. In hand shuffleboard, one, two, three or four points may be earned based on which “zone” the biscuit ends up in. In both games, the top-scoring biscuit is awarded the respective points, the second, third and fourth-best biscuits are only scored when belonging to same player. The first player to reach the designated point total after a completed half-round is deemed the winner.