What Is the Scientific Name for a Nut?

All types of nuts have different scientific names to describe them. The scientific name for an almond is Prunus dulcis, while the cashew’s name is Anacardium occidentale. A pecan, or Carya illinoensis, is a type of tree nut commonly used in baking, along with the macadamia nut, or Macadamia spp.

A pistachio’s scientific name is Pistacia vera L., while all varieties of walnuts fall under the Juglans spp. name. Pine nuts are called Pinus spp., and hazelnuts are called Corylus spp. Other less popular nuts include: the chestnut, or Castanea spp.; the ginkgo nut, or Ginkgo biloba L.; and the sheanut, or Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn.