Why Are School Uniforms Important?

School uniforms are important for a variety of reasons: They reduce competition and peer pressure among students, they help keep the focus on education as opposed to fashion choices, and they reduce clothing expenses for all parents. School officials and parents agree that uniforms help instill a sense of school pride and tradition in most students.

For many students, uniforms offer a sense of unity and equality. No matter the income level, each student wears the same basic set of clothing. This cuts down on bullying and competition and prevents poorer students from feeling left out. Requiring everyone to wear a uniform keeps students from trying to follow fashion trends or keep up with the clothing styles of their peers.

In addition to creating fashion equality among students, school uniforms also keep students focused on their schoolwork, without the potential distractions that come from wildly dressed classmates. Uniforms are also cheap for budget-conscious parents. The average uniform costs less than one-third of a typical back-to-school wardrobe. With limited clothing choices, parents keep their costs down, while their students enjoy the benefits of “fitting in” with everyone else. Schools across the nation have reported positive behavioral changes in their student bodies after uniforms are mandated: increased attendance, fewer behavioral disruptions and higher grades are just a few of the benefits reported.