What Do You Say for a Wedding Grace Before Meals?

It is customary in many cultures to say a wedding grace before meals, and a popular one is “The Wedding Prayer” by the poet Robert Louis Stevenson. Depending on the type of wedding and faith of the participants, other prayers can include Catholic dinner prayers or secular prayers.

If it is a traditional Catholic wedding, typically the priest who served over the wedding will say grace before the wedding meal. In a non-Catholic ceremony, the officiant presiding over the wedding may say the prayer, or it may be a special person chosen by the bride and groom.

Those chosen to say the prayer before the wedding meal should take great care to decide on the type of prayer used for the event. It is a great honor to be chosen to say the prayer, and choices range from wedding prayers in Catholic prayer books to prayers of other faiths. It is acceptable to say a secular prayer of thanks prior to the wedding meal if that is the choice of the bride and groom. In this prayer, it would be customary to discuss the blessings of the couple’s future, as well as to give thanks for friends and family and the food about to be consumed.