How Do You Say “thank You” on a Plaque?

Phrases similar to “thank you” suitable to be printed or engraved on a plaque include “in grateful appreciation,” “with thanks,” “a world of thanks,” “your efforts are greatly appreciated,” “with gratitude” and “we cannot thank you enough.” Other appropriate phrases are “thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” “in appreciation of” and “with great admiration and appreciation.” Synonyms for gratitude include recognition, acknowledgement, benediction, praise, thankfulness, honor and grace.

Saying “thank you” on a plaque or trophy usually denotes an individual’s or organization’s involvement with a charity, company or event. Involvement with an event includes time, money and resources. For example, a plaque may say, “A world of thanks for your generous donation, service and effort given to our cause.” Another plaque of thanks could denote, “In grateful appreciation for your lifetime of service to Acme Company.” A more personalized version includes, “We extend thanks for your donation of time and money to United Charity Work.”

Plaques also recognize awards and achievements of groups and individuals such as winning a contest, achieving a rare goal, exceeding performance goals, joining an organization and devoting time to a worthy cause. Most plaques feature engraved letters on a shiny golden or silvery surface with a wooden backing. The wood backing allows the plaque to be hung on a wall or stood on a desk.