How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Hungarian?

To say “happy birthday” in Hungarian, say “boldog születésnapot.” For the more formal version of the greeting, say “boldog születésnapot kívánok.” In this case, “kívánok” means “I wish you a.”

“Boldog születésnapot” is a modern birthday wish used by younger Hungarians. When speaking to an older person, offer formal birthday greetings by saying “Isten éltessen sokáig,” which translates to “I wish you many years of happiness.” It can also mean “May God make you live long.”

The pronunciation of “boldog születésnapot” is bol-dog soo-let-esh-na-pot. “Kívánok” is pronounced as key-va-nok. The phonetic spelling of “Isten éltessen sokáig” is ish-ten airl-tesh-shen shock-ahh-ig.