What Do You Say on a Confirmation Card?

RainbowPhoto/E+/Getty Images

Confirmation is a holy sacrament and rite of passage in the Catholic church, so a confirmation card should offer congratulations to the recipient. Confirmation cards may also be an opportunity to offer religious blessings to the recipient. Because it is a religious occasion, references to God are acceptable and encouraged.

Messages such as “May many blessings come to you on this your Confirmation day”, or “May God’s love be in your heart to strengthen you along life’s way,” are great ways to encourage and bless the recipient. If the recipient is family or a very close friend, it is better to write a personalized message rather than a generic one. Ensure the recipient that the card sender is proud of their accomplishments. Always congratulate and send well wishes on their accomplishment.

If attending the confirmation ceremony or after party, cards should be given directly to the recipient at the party. In order to avoid bombardment of cards and gifts to the recipient, a box may be placed at the party and guests are encouraged to drop cards in the box. If the card giver is unable to attend the ceremony or party, cards should be sent directly to the recipients home.