How Does the Save Item for Later Feature Work in the Shopping Cart?

The Save Item for Later feature in the shopping cart moves an item placed into the cart by the customer to a Saved For Later list. This preserves the item for later purchase without having to place it on a wish list. An account is needed in order to use the feature.

The Saved For Later list is located directly below the shopping cart content list for convenience. Items placed in the list can be moved back into the shopping cart or deleted from the list entirely. They can also be clicked on to navigate to the product page to read all of the details presented about the product.

Once on the Saved For Later list, the product receives updates when there are changes made to the product page. These updates usually consist of changes in price or availability. The updates appear whenever the shopping cart is opened and show changes that occurred since the cart was last checked. As of September 2015, the list of changes appears above the list of shopping cart items and the Saved For Later list. If the shopping cart contains enough items to span multiple pages, then the Saved For Later List appear at the end of the final page.