Is Sarah Rowland Doroff Working on Any New Film Projects Now?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 12, 2020 3:43:37 AM ET

As of September 2015, no publicly accessible information indicates that Sarah Rowland Doroff is working on any new film projects. Doroff, who was a child actress known for the movie “Three Fugitives,” was born in 1983. She has also appeared in TV series “Law and Order” and “H.E.L.P.”

The crime-comedy film, “Three Fugitives” starred Nick Nolte, Martin Short and Doroff. Doroff plays the role of Meg, a child who is ill. The protagonists, Lucas and Ned Perry, played by Nolte and Short respectively, form a partnership in order to cure Meg and escape from the law. The film was released on Jan. 27, 1989.