What Is a Santoku Knife Used For?

A Santoku knife is used to cut, slice, chop, mince and dice. It works well for slicing items such as cheese, ham and tomatoes, chopping vegetables, and dicing onions. Because of the character of the blade, a Santoku knife is not ideal for tasks such as slicing bread, boning a chicken, carving a turkey, paring or peeling.

A Santoku knife generally has a blade length ranging from 5 to 7 inches, available in either steel or ceramic. The blade features a Granton edge, which consists of dimples on the edge of the blade that help release thin slices and sticky food. Its style is a combination of a small cleaver and a short chef’s knife. Some advantages of using a Santoku knife include increased comfort, less hand strain and good control. Because of its versatility, a Santoku knife saves time, as switching knives is not necessary.

Santoku knives are known for their sharpness, and they remain sharp even after repeated use. If necessary, it is acceptable to use a sharpening steel on the knife’s edge. An electric knife sharpener is also appropriate if it is made for use with Santoku knives. To maintain the correct bevel on the knives, occasional professional sharpening is advised.