Where Are Samsung Washers Made?

Samsung washing machines are mostly made in South Korea. However, like many large companies, Samsung may source components (especially electronics) from countries such as China.

Samsung is based in South Korea. ConsumerReports.org found that washing machines made by Samsung and by LG (another Korean company) were voted most reliable by their readers, and were often the best-rated models in testing.

Samsung washing machines are made by Samsung Electronics, a billion-dollar multinational company that employs around 370,000 people globally. In the West, Samsung are probably best-known for their popular line of smartphones and tablets. Samsung Electronics also manufacturers televisions. One of the company’s biggest sources of revenue is from semiconductors (memory chips). It has been the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors since 1993.

Samsung Electronics is itself a subsidiary of the Samsung Group, a larger conglomerate. The Samsung Group was founded in 1938 and reported revenues of 327 billion dollars in 2013. Samsung Group subsidiaries have interests in shipbuilding, apparel, life insurance, banking, construction, entertainment, retail and medical supplies. The Samsung Group is one of several vast South Korean companies known as chaebol. These companies are often credited with South Korea’s rapid development in the second half of the 20th century.