Are Samsung Refrigerators Reliable?

Samsung refrigerators receive low scores in terms of reliability from users at both Consumer Affairs and, with users specifically noting the number of times their fridges have needed repairs. Users on Consumer Affairs appraise all of Samsung refrigerators with a 1.5 star rating, out of 5.

Many users at Consumer Affairs have had experiences with fridges needing repairs in the first year of owning them. Users report of fridges stopping freezing, leading to large liquid spills, or just stopping working altogether, within months of purchasing them. Although fridge technology has advanced significantly in the past few decades, Samsung’s new technological wonders have outpaced their reliability. Some Samsung refrigerator owners at Consumer Affairs needed motherboard or other sort of computer-related repairs for their units, requiring Samsung-certified technicians.

Users at Consumer Affairs and Amazon have noted their poor experiences with Samsung customer service, when trying to get repairs for fridges still under warranty. One user notes Samsung’s customer service as a customer’s nightmare, after experiencing a lengthy period of back-and-forths about a refrigerator that stopped cooling and freezing altogether.

While negative experiences with Samsung refrigerators abound, users who enjoy their purchase wholeheartedly embrace the Samsung brand. One user claims that their Samsung refrigerator is definitely not a 1 star product.