What Are Some Samsung Activation Codes?

Samsung TVs come with built-in features that allow the use of third party applications. To use such third party applications with Samsung TV, codes are used for activation. The TV generates the code based on the application to download. A sample code for hulu is 6K47J3.

After purchasing a Samsung TV, a user will have to create an account on Samsung website by inserting the device name and code. They have to choose an alphanumeric password that is at least eight characters. Then connect the TV to an Internet connection and under network settings on TV menu, select desired connection and connect the TV to the Internet. To be able to use applications on the TV, users have to activate their product using their Smart ID. Immediately the account is activated, users can now download or purchase applications.

When downloading the hulu app, this can be done directly on the TV screen or online through hulu website. When downloading directly on the TV, users browse to the “activate this app” page and log in with their hulu account ID and password. Alternatively, they can go online to the hulu site and use the activation code that appears on the TV to activate their account. This should not take more than a minute.

To download the Netflix app, go to the activate device page and locate the activation code. Go online to the Netflix site and type in the activation code that shows on the TV. The TV can now stream videos in high definition in very little time.