How Do You Get Samsonite Luggage Repaired?

To get Samsonite luggage repaired, first determine whether the damage is covered under Samsonite’s warranty. If it is, return the luggage to Samsonite for repair. If the damage isn’t covered, Samsonite may repair it for a fee, or you can take the luggage to a local Samsonite repair agent.

  1. Determine if the damage is covered under the warranty

    Review your luggage’s warranty to see if the damage is covered. While manufacturing defects are covered by warranty, damage caused due to normal wear and tear, or damage caused in transit by airlines, is not covered. Other damage not covered under the warranty includes that caused by transportation of unusual items, accidents, solvents or acids, as well as exposure to extreme temperature or water. If the damage to your luggage is covered by the warranty, Samsonite requires that an authorized repair center handle the repairs; going to an unauthorized repair facility voids the warranty.

  2. Find an authorized Samsonite repair center

    Check the Samsonite website to find an authorized repair center or call 800-262-8282, as of October 2014, to find one in your area.

  3. Deliver the luggage to the repair center for assessment

    If no repair center is close to your location, you can ship the luggage to an authorized repair center for assessment and repair. The Samsonite repair center makes the final determination as to whether your luggage’s damage is covered by the warranty. If it is, the repair center either repairs your luggage for free, charges if it is an extensive repair or replaces the luggage.

  4. Pay for repairs if necessary

    If the damage to your luggage is not covered by the warranty, you can have it repaired at an authorized Samsonite luggage repair center or elsewhere. Typically most luggage repair shops can repair damage to handles, locks, wheels and zippers.