What Are Some Free Samples of Welcome Speeches?

Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

A free opening sample of a welcome speech is “We are pleased to be able to welcome those who have been with us for some time as well as those new to our group.” Other free samples include messages welcoming visitors with a formal opening and thanking them for attending.

The middle part of the speech often discusses the organization, the purpose of the meeting and the group’s future initiatives. Speeches often close with an invitation to learn more, such as “A very warm welcome to all of you. Please find me in the lobby if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello,” according to Free-Sample-Letter.com.

Another free sample from Find-the-Words.com starts off with “A warm welcome to (insert specific details of the group’s composition),” and ends with “May we all value the time that we spend together; may we grasp it with both hands and make our own wonderful opportunities to carry with us in the years still to come.”

A welcome speech focuses on the audience and its goal to inspire and unite everyone toward the common purpose of the event. It is important to strike the right tone through choice of words, whether formal or informal, and to finish off the speech by having participants feel welcome, comfortable and eager to contribute to the success of the group’s goals, according to Write-Out-Loud.com. The site also offers a free welcome speech template.