What Are Some Sample Tributes to a Pastor?

Some sample tributes to a pastor are the Tribute to Pastor Scruggs offered for the 29th pastoral anniversary of Pastor Julius R. Scruggs and Theme and Tribute by David Julian Hodges. Another tribute to a pastor is a tribute to Eric Sims that thanks Sims for following God’s heart.

A member of the congregation offered the Tribute to Pastor Scruggs in a speech. The tribute quotes the book of Ephesians that says God provides some people to serve as spiritual teachers. In the speech, the person offering tribute says that the pastor’s love for God is evident. Even though the pastor is not perfect, he lives for God.

The tribute recites several other verses from the Bible that talk about the attributes of a Christian pastor. Attributes of a wise pastor include patience and declining to drink too much. The tribute ends by thanking the pastor for his service and promising to pray for the pastor.

Theme and Tribute by David Julian Hodges states that the pastor’s work provides blessings for the congregation. The tribute thanks the pastor’s wife for having a steadfast vision for her family’s work. Sermons from the pastor upset the congregation because they offer challenges. The tribute thanks the pastor for answering God’s call to serve the congregation.

The tribute to Eric Sims thanks Sims for setting a worshipful example for the congregation. He brings energy to his work, the tribute says. The tribute thanks Sims for encouraging others to follow God. In the end, the tribute thanks the pastor for changing lives to serve God.