What Does a Sample Will and Testament Look Like?

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A sample last will and testament should have a place for the individual to insert basic personal information, appoint beneficiaries and outline how the assets are to be distributed, according to Rocket Lawyer. The will should also list the person who is appointed to carry out the terms of the document.

Last will and testaments vary from state to state because of different rules and regulations, explains LawDepot. Generally, the will has information stating the individual creating the will, or the testator or testatrix, revokes any prior wills made and may indicate whether the testator is married or has any children.

Beneficiaries are outlined in wills, as well as the assets those beneficiaries are to receive. If the testator wants to donate assets to a charitable organization, that information should also be included. If the testator fails to list any beneficiaries in his last will and testament, the court follows a formula to distribute the assets accordingly, states LawDepot.

A last will and testament also names an executor who is in charge of ensuring the terms of the will are carried out. If the testator has any minor children, the last will and testament should appoint individuals to be guardians of the minor children and their assets, notes LawDepot.