What Is a Sample Solicitation Letter?

Phillip Stewart/CC-BY-SA 2.0

A sample solicitation letter provides an example correspondence sent by organizations seeking to collect donations. These letters are often produced by non-profit groups to raise funds for specific projects or daily operations. No matter what the purpose is, these model letters have some parts in common.

Typically, a sample solicitation letter begins with a short introduction, outlining basic information about the organization. At times this is strictly informational. However, if the letters are being sent to individuals with strong ties to the organization, the opening sometimes includes an emotional plea that tries to make a heartfelt connection to the readers.

Next, many sample letters explain what the purpose of the fund raising is. Details that let the potential donors know who and what will be impacted by their contributions are included. In addition, prospective patrons are told specifically what the organization is seeking from them, such as funds, products, services or gift certificates. If the donation is tax-deductible, that fact is included in the letter.

Finally, the model letters explain to the reader how the donation process works. All the options for making gifts are included, such as online giving, mailed endowments or telephone contributions. The letter usually closes with a thank-you and signature of someone involved in the fund raising.