What Are Sample Proxy Letters?

Sample proxy letters are templates of letters a person writes to give another person the authorization to perform a specific task on their behalf. A short sample of a proxy letter is: “Dear XYZ corporation, My name is ABC Brown, and I will be unable to attend this month’s shareholder’s meeting. I am authorizing QRS Brown to vote on my behalf at the meeting.”

It is best to specify in detail what tasks the person standing in as proxy is allowed to perform. The proxy letter should also include the number of instances or length of time the individual is allowed to perform the specified task. Sample proxy letters are available on many reputable websites, and they can be personalized for visitors to use.

Rocket Lawyer offers visitors the ability to create a free Homeowner’s Association proxy on its website. Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander Isle of Man and Quickbooks Docstoc also have samples of proxy template letters that can be personalized, printed out and used by website visitors. It is important to note that the printed document must be signed in order for it to be legal. A third party, such as a lawyer or notary, can also sign the document if necessary.