What Are Some Sample Letters of Wrongful Termination?

A letter of wrongful termination is typically written by an employee who feels that they do not deserve the termination, explaining the employee’s position regarding the termination to the employer. The letter must be written in a polite, professional tone and must start with the reason for writing, followed by a logical explanation of the facts. GreatSampleResume.com and Nolo contain samples of wrongful termination letters.

According to FindLaw, an employee can determine if they were wrongly discharged by considering factors such as discrimination in the workplace or if the employment contract was cut short before expiration. Another situation where an employee can sue for wrongful termination is when the employer retaliates against the employee for abiding by professional ethical standards or acting in accordance with public policies. If an employee is terminated for refusing orders that lead to illegal actions, then he has grounds for wrongful termination.

When fighting a wrongful termination, employees should gather enough evidence that they can use in their defense, and the evidence could help to get a better understanding of why they were discharged. An employee should document all the stages of his relationship with the employer and should request a service letter with reasons for his termination.