What Are Sample Letters of Separation From a Spouse?

Courtney Keating/E+/Getty Images

According to FindLaw and the Rosen Law Firm, a sample separation agreement between spouses is a template that can be used to guide the creation of a customized separation letter. Separation templates should not be exactly replicated because all separations have unique circumstances. Separation sample letters are great jumping off points for both sides to evaluate what they resolved before completing the legal measures to finalize a spousal separation.

A sample separation letter outlines all of the facets involved in the separation of spouses. FindLaw explains that a separation letter discusses the divisions of liabilities, assets, financial support, maintenance, and child custody and visitation arrangements. Sample letters outline physical and legal child custody issues, homestead, insurance and the potential outcome of the separation. Spouses discuss and resolve these issues prior to and during the drafting of the separation letter. The template allows couples to see the everything that must be discussed to finish the separation.

Spouses should consult a lawyer to draft a separation letter that is unique to their situation, according to FindLaw. Sample separation letters can save time and money in situations in which both spouses can agree on the terms of the separation prior to meeting with a lawyer. Complex separation involving children and an extensive amount of assets may require more legal help to accomplish the separation.