What Is a Salutation for a Sympathy Card?

John Lodder/CC-BY 2.0

Examples of closing salutations for a sympathy card include “sent with love and remembrance” and “thinking of you during this difficult time.” Appropriate salutations for sympathy cards and condolence letters convey the sender’s shared feeling of grief and sorrow. Salutations should be personal and genuine.

The common opening salutation for sympathy cards is “Dear” followed by the first name if the sender and recipient know each other well. Add the person’s last name for business-related or a more formal relationships. Additional examples of closing salutations range from a concise “With deepest sympathy,” to remarks like “Our memories of him will forever remain in our hearts.” The message, while typically short and simple, is just as important as salutations. It should also acknowledge the loss, recount the qualities and accomplishments of the deceased and offer assistance to the bereaved.