Why Is My Saliva White and Foamy?

White, foamy saliva is most likely caused from dehydration, according to Dr. Stuart Henderson, reporting on the HealthTap website. However, a reaction to medication, an infection within your body, or something you ate may also be the source of the issue.

Saliva is the fluid produced by the salivary and mucous glands within the body. It aids in chewing and swallowing, and initiates digestion. It is an important fluid in the body, and various factors may contribute to changes in its appearance and production. Dehydration is the most common factor in an increase of thickness and color of saliva. If your body is not properly hydrated, then saliva production increases in order to keep the oral cavity moist for eating.

An increase or decrease in saliva can also indicate an issue with medications, or can signal an infection in your body. If a reaction to medication or an infection is suspected, contact your health care professional. Dr. Henderson remarks that certain foods and drinks, such as milk, make saliva thicker and whiter. As with all body processes, it is important to monitor any changes with saliva production or appearance. Any changes or concerns should be reported to your health care professional.