What Are the Salaries of CNBC Hosts?

According to GlassDoor.com, as of January 2016 the average salary of a CNBC anchor is $650,995. The salary for a CNBC anchor or host ranges from $611,547 to $690,443, basedon two reported CNBC host salaries. Well-known CNBC hosts include media and entertainment reporter Julia Boorstin, international correspondent Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, host of “Mad Money” Jim Kramer, co-anchor of “Nightly Business News” Sue Herera and senior economics reporter Steve Liesman.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 54,400 people employed as reporters, broadcast new analysts and correspondents in the United States, with the median salary for a television anchor falling at $37,200 annually. Broadcast news analysts, who are typically experienced reporters who hold a degree in journalism, earn a slightly higher average income at $54,140. CNBC hosts fall in the upper 10th percentile, meaning they earn at least $75,420.80 annually.

Television anchors’ wages vary based on geographic region, with the District of Columbia paying the highest hourly mean wage. Other contributing factors include the market size of the news program and the popularity of the host or anchor.

GlassDoor.com reports that segment producers at CNBC earn an average annual salary of $79,507, while producers earn $95,736. Senior producers earn an average annual salary of $155,685. Software engineers earn $138,860, development technical lead specialists earn salaries of $128,945, and feature software development managers earn $158,431.