What Are the Salaries for the Cast Members of “Storage Wars”?

All the cast members of A&E reality TV show “Storage Wars” are not paid the same amount per episode, with compensation ranging up from $15,000 per episode. As of 2012, Dave Hester, a founding cast member, earned $25,000 per episode, with a guarantee of 26 episodes.

Hester also received $2,500 per month for travel and had a $125,000 expense account in 2012. He received a $25,000 contract-signing bonus for the fifth season of the show. Darrell Sheets, another original cast member, reportedly had his pay per episode cut from $30,000 to $15,000 in March 2015. When “Storage Wars” first aired in 2010, the cast members were paid only $2,000 per episode.