What Is the Saint Joseph Prayer to Sell a House?

The Saint Joseph prayer to sell a house is an old Catholic tradition used to accelerate the sale of property. The ritual involves burying a statue of Saint Joseph in the backyard and repeating a prayer once a day for nine days once the statue has been buried.

Joseph is considered to be the patron saint of selling homes by numerous religions including Catholic, Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox. Statues of Saint Joseph can be purchased online and in Catholic supply stores. The statue must be buried upside down with Saint Joseph’s hands and feet pointing towards the property to be sold. Once the statue is buried the prayer must be repeated once a day for nine days.

The prayer asks for God’s favor and guidance: “…Faithful guardian of the most precious of all treasures, I beseech thee to bring the matter of selling my house to a happy end if it be for the glory of God and for the good of my soul.”

There are numerous variations of the prayer, which can be found online or in a local church. Once the house has been sold, the statue of Saint Joseph should be recovered and given a place of honor in the new home.