Who Is Saint Jennifer?

As of 2015, there is no Catholic saint named Jennifer. Catholics named Jennifer can consider either Saint Winifred or Saint Genevieve for their patron saint. Jennifer is a modern version of the name Gwenhwyfar and is similar in sound to Genevieve. Saint Winifred, also known as Gwenfrewy, was a religious woman of the 7th century and Saint Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris.

According to legend, Saint Winifred was decapitated when her suitor, Caradoc, became angry over her decision to become a nun. A spring well rose from the ground where her head fell. Her uncle, Saint Beuno, restored her to life with his prayer. She later became abbess of a monastery. Winifred died on November 3, 660. She has a shrine at St. Winifred’s Well in Holywell, Wales.

Saint Genevieve was born in Nanterre, France, in 422. She was singled out and consecrated as a virgin to God by St. Germain of Auxerre when was she was age 7. She is considered to have prevented Attila the Hun from overtaking Paris. When Genevieve heard of his impending march on the city, she entered a period of prayer and fasting and assured the citizens they did not need to leave. Attila changed his course and Paris was saved. Saint Genevieve died on January 3, 512.