What’s an Effective Way to Get Rid of Pack Rats?

Trapping is one of the most effective ways to get rid of pack rats. However, poisoning them can also be effective when done properly.

Pack rats are usually easy to trap, as they are not afraid of new objects and readily go for the bait. Homeowners can use rat snap traps, glue boards and burrow entrance traps to catch and kill pack rats. In areas where releasing trapped animals is legal, they can also use cage traps and release the animals back into the wild. Dried fruit, nuts, biscuits and bacon rind are effective baits.

If trapping the pack rats proves ineffective, homeowners can also poison the pests using toxic baits. Anticoagulant products are usually the safest options, as they pose lower risks to children and household pets. To use this kind of bait, place it in an open bait container, as pack rats often fill bait boxes with debris. Place the bait somewhere that is not easy for pets or children to access.

Blocking pack rats from the home can keep new animals from entering the house. Homeowners can seal off any cracks or crevices that provide access to the home. Pack rats can enter through holes and cracks as small as 1/2-inch thick, so even smaller holes should be sealed. Homeowners can apply wire screens to vents, pipes and spouts to block access. As many pack rat species can climb, homeowners should also be sure to block holes, vents and cracks around the attic and roof.